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The Future of AI – Less Artificial, More Intelligent

Artificial intelligence has advanced quickly and is no longer just a sci-fi concept seen in movies and books—it is now a reality, from driverless cars to voice automation in homes

“Artificial intelligence will take our jobs!” is the most common concern regarding future of AI. We may see a more comfortable future for ourselves with AI automating all types of work, one that will create new jobs rather than eliminate existing ones. A World Economic Forum research on the Future of Jobs predicts that by 2022, AI will generate 58 million new jobs. By 2030, there is a very good probability that AI will perform better than humans on the majority of mental tasks, but that does not mean that jobs will be eliminated.

A future in healthcare The development of applications powered by AI to assist doctors in diagnosing and treating patients is the subject of numerous sorts of research, and this technology will undoubtedly revolutionize how patients receive better medical treatment. Doctors, nurses, scientists, and the list goes on will always be needed. However, AI will make our life easier by improving the actionability of the clinical and healthcare data we produce.

A future in banking With lower costs, higher productivity, and better customer experiences, AI is ready to dominate sectors like business intelligence and security in the coming ten years. The banks of the future will employ AI to personalize consumer experiences in addition to personalizing their services and products.

A future in manufacturing For a restricted range of operations like assembly and stacking, AI-powered robots collaborate with humans, and predictive analysis sensors keep equipment in good working order.

Future technological developments can seem far off, but they will arrive faster than we can imagine. Leading technological companies are competing to integrate AI into our daily lives, which will pave the way for an amazing and thrilling AI future.

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