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Some of our creations, although journey continues...

Reduce Non-contributing expenses, use AI to make smarter decisions. Inventory Manager

Arogya Inventory Manager

What, when and how much to buy

  • AI analysis creates an action plan

  • One click decision making

  • AI enabled action screens

  • Enable inventory optimization Order Manager

Arogya Order Manager

Who to buy and how much to pay

  • Rate vendors based on lead times and other metrics

  • One click decision making to place orders

  • AI enabled action screens

  • Enable order optimization Workflow Manager

Arogya Workflow Manager

Control - consumption to replenishment

  • Full cycle process engine 

  • Discover - procurement - finance - place and Receive order

  • Uses absolute and relative measures to create and price inefficiencies [per SKU]

  • Provide measurable efficiencies Department Manager

Arogya Department Manager

The NextGen Interface

  • Manage every departments inventory like a storefront

  • Every department can be viewed, tracked and managed as store

  • No more reports, tedious interfaces Vendor Manager

Arogya Vendor Manager

Networks – End to end Automation

  • Manufactures, wholesalers, retailers, stockists, etc.

  • Digital onboarding of suppliers and vendors 

  • Contract management 

  • Directly connects to OM and place the orders with the approved vendors

  • Intelligent Supply chain

Arogya Telemedicine

Telemedicine | Remote Patient Monitoring | Mobile Health​

  • On Demand

  • Tele Rehab - OmniROM

  • Hub & Spoke model

  • Healthcare to home

  • Remote Patient Monitoring 

  • Speech to text (NLP)

  • Integrated 3D/AR for Patient Education

  • Connected Care through Connected Devices



Demand Forecasting Model

Idle Stock Prediction

Capacity Utilization Model

Supplier Performance Model

Supply Chain Modelling

Utilization Rate Model

Price/ Qty Optimization Model

Order Level Forecasting

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